Adjudication & Awards

It is intended that adjudicators will largely be drawn from a pool of working band directors who have attended a National Training event held in the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama. Crucially since by far the largest part of this Festival is educationally based, the band directors / adjudicators will be focussing at this training event on what should be achievable by each grade of band and what actually is being achieved.

Significantly this will be the first music festival where the adjudicators are given the opportunity to meet and agree on key aspects of performance and band repertoire in advance of the actual process of “live adjudication”. This should lead to a more “uniform” delivery of adjudication and go some way to help “iron out” previous discrepancies, especially between Area Event and National Final.


Performances at area level will be awarded either a:

  • Platinum
  • Gold or Gold Plus
  • Silver or Silver Plus
  • Bronze or Bronze Plus

award, based on the adjudicators perception of how successfully the band and the director have achieved in the following criteria:

  • Rhythm – successful performance of all rhythmic elements, including successful negotiation of all changes of metre, accellerando / rallentando / appropriate use of rubato and choice of tempi.
  • Melody – successful balance throughout each piece of the Melodic Line, Counter Melodies (where present) with the rhythmic / harmonic accompaniment and bass line.
  • Tuning & Intonation – tuning up successfully prior to performance and maintaining a high level of “in tune” performance throughout.
  • Articulation – the ability to clearly perform all styles of articulation required in each piece – legato, staccato, accents etc.
  • Dynamics – the ability to present a carefully structured dynamic range throughout each piece.
  • Communication – the band’s ability to respond to the conductors visual direction – and the conductor’s ability to give appropriate visual direction.
  • Musicality & Interpretation – the evidence from the performance of detailed prior thought and preparation on the programme by the conductor with regard to phrasing and creating musical performance which is more than simply a delivery of the notes on the page.
  • Choice & Balance of Programme – A well conceived balanced and contrasting programme which focuses on the strengths of the ensemble, but at the same time presenting the band with appropriate technical & musical challenges.

The Awards

As outlined above, awards will be presented using the following hierarchy:

  • Bronze
  • Bronze Plus
  • Silver
  • Silver Plus
  • Gold
  • Gold Plus
  • Platinum

At National Final level, since it is anticipated that there may be several awards at Gold Level, and in order to differentiate a really outstanding Gold performance, the adjudicators may if they deem it appropriate, award one and only one Platinum Award.

At each area event, the adjudicators may award “The Most Entertaining Band” award to the band who achieves the highest level of performance – visually and aurally, in the new festival option of the addition of an entertainment item to the performance.

At each area event, the adjudicators may award “The Most Outstanding Soloist” to the soloist who achieves the highest level of performance in the new festival option where band directors may choose to feature a particularly good soloist.

There will be an award for the band who successfully produces and performs “the best commissioned new work for band”. This award could be won by a band at area level, and is not necessarily tied into performances at National Final level.

Repertoire List

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Entry Form

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